Terms & Conditions

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VIP Lounger, Exclusive Wedding Bus and Wedding Transport Cyprus is a Registered  Limited company, trading as Greysand Shipping Co Ltd.

Terms and Conditions/Contract

All wedding transport is operated by Greysand Shipping Co Ltd the Hire Agreement is made between Greysand Shipping and the individual booking the hire (“the hirer”).

The Hirer

Refers to the person making the booking(known as the Hirer) and/or those actually using the service advertised, and who if booking a vehicle enters into a contract between the hirer and the company (known as the Company trading as Greysand Shipping Ltd known here as  VIP Lounger, Exclusive Wedding Bus and Wedding Transport Cyprus supplying the vehicle and providing the services on the day.

Prices and availability are not confirmed until payment of the deposit are confirmed. Whilst all reasonable care has been taken to ensure the information contained on this website is accurate and up to date The Company cannot offer an absolute guarantee, accordingly The Company will not in any circumstances be liable for any losses, costs, claims or demands, howsoever arising, whether directly or indirectly from the use of any vehicle, information, advice or photograph contained or referred to on this site or upon any sites linked here upon this website. Furthermore, all information contained on this site and any other information given by The Company is intended to be by way of guidance only and whilst it is believed to be accurate it remains for you to check that you are entirely satisfied that any vehicle you intend to hire meets your particular requirements, particularly in terms of its, condition, colour, and accessibility.

Terms & Conditions

Confirmation of booking

By paying a deposit or full or part payment and/or by ticking the agreement box on the reservation form the hirer is entering into a contract and confirming they have read these terms and conditions, they understand them and accept them in full, and agree to be bound by them. We will require a non-refundable holding fee of €80 per vehicle

Final Payment The balance can be paid at any time convenient to the hirer in advance of the wedding date but in all cases to be received no later than 30 days before the booked date. If the balance is not received by the final due date shown on the hirer confirmation it may result in cancellation of the booking or an administration charge added in pursuant to the overdue balance unless we have agreed to a later date for payment. Vehicles will not be provided unless the full outstanding balance has been paid prior to the wedding day


The booking is made up of two payments,  one deposit and one final balance added together they total the full quote accepted by the hirer. If the hirer chooses they may pay both payments together at the reservation stage.

The deposit payment ensures the booked vehicle is reserved for the hirer and is no longer available to others. After the deposit has left the Hirer’s account and is in the process of transferring to the company’s account via the secure online payment facility, Paypal, or through bank transfer they become the funds of the company.

 This final payment is vehicle-related and covers the cost of vehicle insurance, fuel, driver’s wages, valeting, route checks, wear, and tear, and other vehicle running expenses and the remainder becomes the profit from the hire.

The booking is not confirmed until receipt of the completed reservation form and securing reservation deposit for each vehicle and the payment is cleared. Confirmation will be sent to the hirer on receipt of the deposit and completed reservation form, this will include all instructions received to date including payments made and due, where information requested has not been supplied the hirer’s further instructions in writing will be awaited in due course. Hirer must advise the company if, after paying their deposit they have not received after 96 hours their itinerary and formal confirmation of their booking which will show the deposit has been received, The Company will not be held liable for booking misplacement’s or loss of reserved vehicle/s if the hirer fails to advise us.

Balance Payment  Hirers may pay their remaining balance any time and at their convenience as long as it is received by the Company not later than 30 days prior to the wedding date, non-receipt of the full and correct balance by this final due date will incur an administration charge of €15 should we need to send more than two courtesy reminders for the late payment unless the client has advised The Company before the final due date and a later payment date has been mutually agreed in writing. Hirers, therefore, agree to pay their full balance on or prior to the final due date and accept it is not the responsibility of The Company to remind them.

The final date for the balance to be received is 30 days prior to the hire date, if the balance is still outstanding at 20 days prior to the hire date the booking will automatically be canceled and then the Company retains the right to re-book the vehicle/s to other hirer’s and all monies paid previously will be forfeited unless the hirer has agreed beforehand an extended final due date for the balance to be paid and have this confirmed in writing by The Company.  Always inform the Company if you are having difficulty making payment as we may be able to help.

Seating Capacity Vehicles are not allowed by law to carry more persons than the vehicle’s seating capacity. Maximum seating capacities are shown on each vehicle on the website.

No Smoking or food to be consumed  We have a No Smoking policy in all vehicles and respectfully ask you not to smoke when inside the cars. Food items must not be consumed inside the vehicle/s.

In case of bad weather – Although cancellation is very rare and would only be considered in extreme conditions, passenger safety being paramount, The Company advises all clients that an alternative vehicle will be offered to avoid wind or rain should this be the case on the day and no refunds will be offered, as this is in the best interest of the hirer.

Damage to vehicle

The Hirer is responsible for any damage to the vehicle exterior and interior during the hire caused by themselves, the bridal party, or their guest’s actions or inaction unless loss or damage was directly caused by The Company or its drivers. Damage also includes, but is not limited to, that caused by clothing studs, zips or sequins, etc. We recommend you allow the chauffeur to open the doors for you especially when entering or exiting the vehicle on main roads,  or close to buildings.  This includes damage caused by unsuitable road surfaces.


It is from time to time that people choose to urinate or vomit on board the transport, please note that there will be standard cleaning charge for this of €100 as it does delay vehicles going on another wedding/function.
This must be paid prior to leaving from resort, failure to do so will be reported to the police for collection

Vehicle access The Hirer must advise The Company not later than 14 days prior to the wedding if they require a specific route to be followed The Hirer must also ensure sufficient time has been allowed for the trip/s required especially if more than one trip to the ceremony venue is planned using the same car, the hirer must therefore consider the travel time in each direction plus five minutes minimum turnaround time at both ends and if the car is a vintage or classic car remember these do not travel at the speed of today’s cars, usually no more than 50km, so better to allow more time than less. The Hirer must advise at the time of booking if any part of their journey is not over a normal standard road surface, for example, an unmade up the road, track, or narrow lane with growth protruding into the pathway of vehicles, or if higher than normally raised speed humps are present as the prior assessment of suitability for the vehicle/s may be required, in all cases, your chauffeur reserves the right on the day not to take vehicles along unsuitable road surfaces if damage to the vehicles bodywork or its underside could be caused, this is of particular concern for Buses with low boarding platforms, longer wheelbase and vehicles with lower underside clearance and the client accepts this.  Drivers will do their best to reach all points in your itinerary as closely as possible but some driveways or roads may be unsuitable for vehicles especially larger vehicles or buses, or there may be diversions or obstructions such as cars parked on either side of the road restricting access, in which case it is agreed that drivers will take the vehicle to the nearest readily accessible point for passengers to be collected or disembark. Where there are obstructions, narrow or single-track roads or other obstacles when turning then The Company and drivers are not responsible for any resulting issues which may cause a delay or the need to abandon the remainder of the journey.  The hirer should advise the company directly in writing if they have any concerns about access to a particular venue and the company will require to visit to check this.  The Company will advise on access to the best of their ability based on previous engagements at venues but will not be held liable for the inability of a specific vehicle to access any venue due to unsuitable road surfaces or obstructions as described above. In the case of taller double-deck buses, further restrictions may apply including overhanging trees, overhead cables, and turning places therefore for double-deck buses only, access to all itinerary areas will not be considered confirmed as part of the contract regardless of whether a payment has been made until a satisfactory route check has been completed, which is best carried out nearer to the hire date.  Neither the company and/or drivers will be held responsible for vehicle inaccessibility to any address in the hirer’s itinerary or held liable or responsible for the removal of obstructions that could impede access to any area of the itinerary.  Naturally, the driver will stop as close to the address as reasonably possible and the hirer books the vehicle on this understanding and accepts this could happen at venues where unsuitable road surfaces or obstructions to the side or above may have existed before or appear after a check has been carried out.  It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that any permissions required have been obtained by you and provided to the company in order to enter private areas, and or military areas, private parking or private roads and to remain thereon. The Company or its drivers will not be held responsible if you have not obtained the required permission. Unless a specific route has been requested Chauffeurs will decide the best route to be taken however if a client decides to change these on the day and deviate from the planned route directions may need to be offered.

In the vast majority of cases, the driver will be able to accommodate a slight overrun it must not be taken as guaranteed, the hirer therefore understands and accepts this.

Embarking and disembarking the Vehicle

 It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure they collect their personal items when leaving the vehicle.,

Seating capacity is given on this website however, some classic and vintage vehicles come from an era when vehicles were smaller and passengers tended to be slender than the current day.

It is the responsibility of the wearer to ensure their clothing avoids close proximity or contact with car/bus areas that could produce dirt and grime such as the tires and exhaust pipes, you are also advised that vintage and classic cars may require lubrication in other areas to keep them in good working order such as door shuts, hinges, sunroofs, etc.. The hirer must therefore consider this when embarking and disembarking the vehicle. The Company will not be held liable for soiled or damaged clothing.  If champagne or another type of drink is served or provided The Company will not be held liable for damage to clothing or injury to persons caused by glass breakage, spillage,  or airborne corks or howsoever caused.

Vehicles will have been fully valeted before leaving the garage, should a passenger feel unwell the driver will gladly pull over and stop if requested, so long as it is a suitable stopping and safe place to do so. In event of passenger illness in the vehicle, the cost of an interior valet with a minimum charge of €50 will be charged. Driver/s retain the right to refuse to convey any passenger who in their opinion appears to be under the influence of alcohol or other substance and whose condition may put the driver, the vehicle or other passengers at risk.  We do not tolerate any abusive or offensive behavior towards the driver at any time, in such situations, the driver reserves the right to terminate the hire and the right not to make refunds.

Insurance The hirers are advised that Greysand Shipping Ltd does not carry insurance for personal injury, illness, loss, or damage to personal belongings or for cancellation for any reason. Hirers must arrange their own holiday insurance for these risks and ensure that their existing policies on which they wish to rely will cover this activity.

Timings, route etc

It is the Hirer’s responsibility to check the confirmation sent by The Company to ensure the details are full and are the correct requirements and must advise The Company if any requests they have made are not listed as anything not listed may not be delivered. The Company and drivers will not be held responsible for incorrectly advised information.

Any Changes Sometimes wedding planning does not always go as intended, so if you need to change your times or amend any other information with your booking, or advise of information not known at the booking stage it’s no problem we won’t charge you for making an initial update, however, The Company reserves the right to make a small administration charge of €15 if on more than the one occasion date changes or other changes are requested to the original booking resulting in additional time and work involved for our admin staff in producing a further itinerary after the original and a subsequent itinerary has been issued.  You can avoid this administration charge by simply waiting until all changes and/or updates are to hand then advise us of all changes you require at the same time so we only need to produce an amended itinerary once.  The only exception to this is if you are changing your wedding date,  or timings for this we will need to know the new date or times as soon as you know yourself.  An administration charge if payable will be added to the balance amount so you can simply pay it along with the balance when due.  The Hirer must contact The Company if they are not in receipt of an amended itinerary 96 hours after requesting changes and/or updates as in the event we have not received the communication the previous itinerary without the changes will still be in place.  The hirer must retain the amended itinerary from The Company detailing their new requirements until after the wedding date as this will be their only confirmation showing that changes were received.

Vehicle Change If a substitute needs to be made urgently on the wedding day itself or very close to the wedding day the Company will aim to provide as near a match to the original vehicle as possible.  The hirer however should understand that some of the cars are unique especially those that are Vintage and Classic so to provide an exact match may not always be achievable especially at very short notice, the hirer, therefore, accepts this and understands the main aim at short notice is being able to provide a vehicle so as not to let the hirer down.   Where time permits the company should always try to contact the hirer to advise of a change of vehicle if it is obviously different to the one booked, for example, a different exterior colour, seating capacity.  If however, the Company has been unsuccessful in making contact then the hirer will still retain the option not to accept the replacement on its arrival at the collection address, the vehicle will then return to base and a full refund will be made by the company for the original vehicle.  If the hirer accepts the replacement vehicle either beforehand or on its arrival, or it is used by passengers, it will be confirmed as acceptance of the change and no refund will be made unless the replacement vehicle is advertised at a lower price than the one originally booked in which case a refund of the difference will be made. If the replacement vehicle is advertised at a higher price the client will not be responsible for the difference unless this has been agreed with the Company beforehand.  Where two vehicles are replacing one, the hirer will not be responsible for any additional cost unless this has been agreed with the Company beforehand.


Even the most cared for and regularly maintained vehicles may at some time in their life break down or require unscheduled maintenance, The Company shall not be held responsible in the unlikely event that any vehicle reserved or in use suffers such breakdown or accident or other circumstances arise unforeseen at the time of reservation that prevents the booked vehicle/s from carrying out the hirer’s itinerary. The company will immediately and directly inform the hirer of the situation and then take steps to safeguard the interest of the hirer either by offering alternative transport from those they have available or by sourcing a replacement elsewhere, time permitting.

On the Day  In the unlikely event of a situation happening on the wedding day itself for vehicles that experience a breakdown/failure during the itinerary being carried out the responsibility for reimbursement will be made by, and at the discretion of the company up to a complete refund for the problem vehicle if a replacement vehicle was unavailable and the whole itinerary was unable to be fulfilled.  Reimbursement or compensating claims will not exceed a full refund of the total amount the client paid the Company for the problem vehicle and the hirer accepts this and agrees to make no further claims against The Company, in the above-described circumstances. Dependent on the particular circumstances of the breakdown the company may offer the client a ‘gesture of goodwill’ which if not monetary will, if not utilized, normally expire after 12 months unless a longer period is confirmed in writing by the company.

Disputes The Company must at the time of the disputed record in writing the dispute so that the Company can offer an alternative or be offered to solve the problem immediately, if the Company was not given an option to solve the issue then a refund will not be offered and the Hirer understands this..

Any Delays In the event a vehicle is en-route to an address and encounters a problem which could result in a delay to the scheduled arrival at the collection address the company must immediately contact the hirer to inform them of the approximate arrival time, Hirer’s must always be kept updated on timings.

Cancellation or Postponement by The Hirer – The hirer reserves the right to cancel their booking at any time. The initial standard deposit per vehicle is non-refundable if you cancel, however, if you are simply postponing your original wedding date and re-booking to another date, subject to the vehicle you booked being available on the new date and all itinerary details remaining the same you will not lose your deposit as it will simply be transferred to the new date.  Should you wish to cancel completely you will be refunded any other money you have paid over and above the standard deposit for the quoted vehicle as long as the cancellation is more than 12 months from the hire date.  To protect your outlay we strongly advise Hirer’s consider a low-cost Wedding Insurance covering cancellation, to provide immediate cover this is best put in place as soon as your wedding date is confirmed.

All cancellations must be notified to The Company by email, cancellations will not be accepted over the telephone. On receipt, The Company will also confirm the booking cancellation to the hirer in writing or by email which the hirer must then retain until after the canceled wedding date as their proof of cancellation. The hirer must inform the Company if within 7 days of the date of the cancellation is made they have not received our email confirming the cancellation, the hirer must not automatically assume their cancellation request has been received and actioned. It is the hirer’s responsibility to cancel the booking if the vehicle/s are no longer required, if the client does not advise The Company they wish to cancel their booking the contract with the Company will still be in place and the full balance outstanding plus any accrued admin charge will still be payable should we subsequently learn within 60 days of the wedding date the vehicle/s are no longer required and the hirer understands and agrees to this. In event of cancellation of a booked vehicle by the hirer and in all cases the reservation deposit is non-refundable regardless of which method of payment was used to make a payment or the amount of time passing since payment was made as the deposit covers the initial administration costs the company which will have already been completed, we advise hirer’s to consider wedding insurance to cover non-refundable payments.

Changing a date Changing a wedding date after a booking has been confirmed is deemed as a cancellation, however, if a new date is set and your originally booked car/s are available for the revised date your existing booking would be transferred to the new date without loss of deposit, however, an administration fee may be charged if the transfer also involves a complete change of itinerary in addition to the date and a review of the hire charge may be made by the company if the revised date is in a future year. If the hirer decides to postpone the wedding date to a future date in later years but has not yet decided on a date, in order to keep the contract in place and safeguard their initial deposit instead of canceling and losing it an additional non-refundable guarantee deposit will be required which will, of course, be deducted from the final balance when due, if the hirer subsequently also cancels this postponed later date the additional guarantee deposit plus the initial deposit will be forfeited. Original deposits are unable to be held over indefinitely, therefore if a new wedding date has not been set and an additional guarantee deposit has not been received the existing booking will be canceled and the original deposit will be forfeited.

Transfer of payments – Deposits are non-transferable to other persons for different weddings.

Data Protection The Company is a fully Data Compliant [GDPR] company. Hirers who very kindly send emails and photos after the wedding commenting on the vehicles and the service provided will have granted their permission for The Company to display these emails/photos and/or their content on this website but only for the purpose of providing references for future clients. We will not display private addresses or phone numbers.

Photographer On the rare occasion The Company may arrange for our own photographer to discreetly take photographs of our vehicles during a wedding itinerary, these would be for display on our own website and marketing portals only and for the purpose as a helpful guide for future Bride & Groom’s so they may see photos of the vehicles in the previous operation. Occasionally these may contain pictures of the Bride & Groom and other members of the wedding party, the client is also granting permission for these to be displayed on this website unless we have been advised prior to the wedding day that the hirer does not wish this, in which case our photographer would not be present and we would respect the client’s wishes. The client confirms that The Company may, if not advised beforehand display such photographs.

Other Photographers, We also co-operate with local wedding photographers to share wedding photos of our vehicles for marketing purposes only which may be used across our website, social media, and other advertising platforms if used such as 3rd Party Websites and/or magazine/book publications. Wedding photographers will have granted us permission to display their copyrighted material, however, as a professional company we will always take into consideration the wishes of any person shown in those photos should they require us not to display certain photos through our own website and/or other advertising platforms and we will respect and honor their wishes. This must be notified by email to the Company

Special Offers We reserve the right to change or end any current free offer, free membership, free vouchers or products or free draw at any time without prior notice in which event the hire agreement shall still remain in force and the client agrees they will not be entitled to refunds or compensation based on the withdrawal of offers, draws, vouchers or products, If an offer  eg.  Black Friday is offered at a discounted rate then the Hirer accepts that he cannot cancel and rebook at the cheaper rate.

By booking a vehicle you accept the Terms & Conditions of Hire and agree to be bound by them.  If you do not accept and agree you must leave this website and not use the facilities it offers.  This website and its content including all text and photographs is protected by Copyright with All Rights Reserved.

The Company cannot accept a booking by any person under the age of 18.

Act of God

In the event that directly and exclusively results from the occurrence of natural causes that could not have been prevented by the exercise of foresight or caution; an inevitable accident, i.e., tornadoes, earthquakes, death, extraordinarily high tides, violent winds, ash cloud, and floods. Then providing that the hirer is in  resort there will be no refund, as the event will go ahead, although the number of persons will be refunded. In the event that the main lead name has not managed to arrive due to ash cloud or any of the above then an alternative date will be set and no extra charges will be made.

Covid Policy

With the pandemic disrupting life, our “Covid-Policy” below which we hope will reassure both those couples with their wedding transport already booked, and those looking to book. We hope our policy helps in any decision you need to make, with possible options for consideration.

Can I change/postpone my wedding date ?

If you’ve already booked a vehicle and would like to change the date we will be happy to offer assistance in arranging the new date free of charge, no matter if it is for 2021, 2022 or 2023, and no matter how many times you need to postpone. All monies already paid are secure and will not be lost. If you do not have a new date yet, we will simply place your payment/s on hold until you get back to us with a date.

Do we need to pay to change the date of the wedding?

There are no administration fees for changing your wedding to a new date due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, no matter how many times you need to change dates.  The only time your balance may change is if you require additional services, for example, an extension to hire time already booked or an increase to the total kilometers, as you may have changed location that you require the vehicle to do.

Can I just cancel the booking and get a refund if I worry about Covid/pandemic ?

If you are canceling due to Covid-19 lockdown imposed by the government over the period your wedding is booked which means your wedding can no longer take place you will be entitled to a full refund of the money paid less €50 administration costs.  The refund will be offered and governed by the European commissioner’s Statement at the time of cancelation and decided whether vouchers should be offered to the full value of the amount paid to date with a validity date of a  minimum of 12 months.  There are no cancellation fees if you need to cancel. A reduction in guest numbers although not ideal means the wedding could still take place albeit not as originally planned, therefore as the vehicle is not banned from taking passengers canceling the vehicle could mean a loss of your deposit. Under these circumstances where fewer guest numbers are imposed postponing to a later date could be a better option to consider and of course, your full payment would be secure.

How can I move the date of my wedding?

We will require an updated contract signed as an addendum in writing from you for security purposes, this ensures your date is confirmed correctly.